Friday, October 19, 2012

She's isn't waiting for me...

to catch up on this last year and a half.  I want everything documented in perfect words to portray our lives since she danced into it, but I can't seem to find words that fit everything we feel and how blessed we've been.  She's not slowing down and things keep getting better, so I figured I should put something down for the sake of memories.

After using her balance bike for the last year, she wanted to ride a "big bike like Daddy".  We took the training wheels off of her big girl bike from Granny and Bumpas, gave her a push, and she took it from there.   


And then there is this.  She kind of likes books.  This is a library book we got a few days ago.


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  1. Too cute! I couldn't help myself but have a little laugh at the end of the bike riding video. She is such a doll! I'm so glad that she was able to join your family and be my smart little niece.